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Likai Technology Co., Ltd.


LiKai  Technology  is located in Fushan Industrial Park of Yantai City, Shandong Province.  LiKai is an enterprise fo advanced mechanic manufacturing and is certified by Science & Technology Department of Shandong Province as Hi-tech Enterprise.
LiKai specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced wire saws, and the relevant automation equipments. LiKai machines are widely used for cutting hard and brittle materials such as carborundum, sapphire, piezoelectric crystal, piezoelectric ceramic, molybdenum piece, semi-conductor CMOS chip, silicon piece, and so on.

LiKai will supply products with the highest quality, the most competitive price and the best service under our guiding principle of creating famous brand, leading the technology in advanced wire saw industry and seeking eternal sincerity.

You are warmly welcome to our company! 

Likai Technology Co., Ltd.